The black babysitter sees the police vigilantly because he cares for two white children

Corey Lewis takes care of children every day. This Sunday he was followed by a woman who was afraid to see him care for two white children while he himself was black.

"I'm being bothered because I care for two children who do not look like me". With these words Corey Lewis starts a live Facebook, filming with the two children he keeps in Marietta, a city in Georgia (Southeastern United States).

In his car he explains that he is followed by a woman who thinks it is suspicious that he is with these two children. The woman followed him to a store and asked the children if they knew who the man was with them.

She clearly took her car plate and even calls the police. Incomprehensible for the babysitter.

In a second video Corey films the arrival of the policeman and the situation follows.

"These are the two children I'm babysitting. […] Why would not they go well? Nobody screams, no one screams, no one tries to run away … ", Corey explains to the officer The girl will confirm to the policeman that it is their babysitter.

A story that made a great sound across the Atlantic, before it was noticed by BRUT, which provides a summary.