The elected president met with the ambassador of the United States

Nayib Bukele stated that the meeting lasted more than three hours and promised to strengthen the relationship with El Salvador's most important ally.

American ambassador Jean Manes held a meeting on Thursday the president-elect of the country, Nayib Bukele, in which the American diplomat recalled the history of cooperation and the diplomatic ties that exist between the United States and El Salvador.

Through a message on Twitter, Manes stressed that the North American nation will continue to support "El Salvador's efforts to grow the economy, improve security and strengthen its institutions".

For his part, Bukele added in his Twitter account that "it was a very productive meeting of more than 3 hours", and he assured that under his presidency El Salvador will strengthen relations with "our most important natural ally".

Although the agenda of the meeting was not officially known or if agreements were made, the Secretary-General of New Ideas, Federico Anliker, said that the United States Ambassador offered support for the transition before 1 June, the date that will take effect. President Nayib Bukele.

Anilker also emphasized that "it is important to increasingly strengthen relations with the United States and the rapprochement," so "all help is welcome and which better way to get out of the United States."

Bukele will announce his transition team next week to the new government and has not made any names of who could be part of this team or his final cabinet.

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In this connection, Manes asked the president-elect on Wednesday to surround himself with people who know how to rule as soon as he takes office on June 1st.

For that it is important that when forming your government, consideration is given to people with capacity, righteousness and no past in connection with corruption. Moreover, the ambassador confirmed in her Twitter that a Public Function Law is important to ensure that the most appropriate government is integrated.

On the same day, a spokesperson for the embassy told the media that this diplomatic mission is seeking to strengthen the relationship between the two countries and that the United States and the international community will pay attention to these appointments.

With regard to the ambassador's statements, Anilker believes that "her observations are very valid, that exactly the right people are needed, especially for the transition and for the cabinet, she has also made herself available".

He made that next week they will fully work in the transition together with the current central government, as well as the formation of the new cabinet, which is in charge of Bukele.

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"The Cabinet of the government will be announced at that time and we will not close ourselves to a political party, but it will be due to meritocracy," Anliker said.

In addition, the Secretary of New Ideas stressed that it will be exclusively the elected president who will select the people who will be part of his team, who have the responsibility to work transparently and fight corruption.

About the work they hope to do with the Legislative Assembly, the secretary of legislative affairs of the same party, Mario Durán, has indicated that they will make their proposals as a government and it is up to the deputies to fulfill the people.

They confirmed that they want to install an International Commission against Impunity (CICIES).


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