The European People's Party supports 155 and condemns the attempt to "illegally divorce" in Catalonia

The European People's Party has expressed its support for the application of Article 155 in Catalonia by the government of Mariano Rajoy and has condemned the attempt of "illegal secession" in Catalonia, according to Efe. The conservative family gathered about 700 delegates this Wednesday in Helsinki and has approved a text promoted by Pablo Casado's PP, which shows that "Catalan secession attempts are contrary to law and democracy" and underlines: "We condemn all illegal secession as a political change of reality, in violation of law and democracy itself. "

The text approved by the European People's Party also emphasizes that "independence" leads to instability and uncertainty in countries that affect all levels of economic growth, job creation, prosperity, coexistence, consensus and the future. "They also say" recognize "that" the separatists in Catalonia have tried to ignore the Spanish constitution with a process of repeated approval of decisions against established law and European values. "

The resolution contains six explanatory paragraphs explaining what happened in Catalonia from 6 September 2017 and points out in the second paragraph that "the government of Spain had to implement the mechanism included in Article 155 of the Constitution and that led to early elections" in the Catalan autonomous community.

It also reminds us that since 1978 there have been more than 50 electoral processes in Catalonia and that "Catalan society is divided between 48% of separatists and 52% of non-separatists". A footnote to the resolution clarifies that "no point" of the same "relates to the unique situation of Northern Ireland, where binding international agreements are governed"