The FBI has closed an observatory at Roswell and nobody knows why

The FBI has closed an observatory at Roswell and nobody knows whyFor more than a week the Sunspot Solar Observatory has been closed for unknown reasons.KRQE / Youtube screenshotLast week, the Sunspot Solar Observatory in the state of New Mexico was evacuated for unknown reasons. After employees had made a phone call to the local police on 7 September, the senior observatory was erased within a few hours. The site can not be entered since the closure.

According to reports in the media, the police said: "The FBI was there." However, the reason for the sudden evacuation has not yet been publicly announced. the The Association of Universities for Astronomy Research (AURA), which runs the Observatory, said that the facility was closed for safety reasons.

Numerous theories for evacuation in circulation

And it gets even more weird: a post office at the observatory has also been evacuated. However, an official told the American television broadcaster KVIA-TV that "he does not know who told the post office that he should leave". The Apache Point Observatory, about two kilometers away, was not closed.

For more than a week, the Sunspot Solar Observatory can no longer be accessed and there are already numerous conspiracy theories in circulation. The following image shows why:

The FBI has closed an observatory at Roswell and nobody knows whySunspot is located near the town of Roswell.Google Maps

Sunspot is only about 200 kilometers away from Roswell, the place where the US government reportedly discovered aliens in 1947. That can not be a coincidence – at least conspiracy theorists believe.

But there are other theories why the observatory closed so suddenly:

  • There is a gigantic solar flare
  • Chinese or Russian hackers have done something
  • EMP weapon tests are performed
  • terrorist cell
  • Portal to other dimensions

But unlike science fiction films, the observatory is not closely monitored. Only a yellow cordon tape and stop signs indicate, according to a local news channel, that the site may not be entered.

No adequate explanation by the FBI

As sheriff Benny House reported in an interview with the American news site Buzzfeed News, officials also saw a Black Hawk helicopter over the terrain. But he added that the US Air Force has a base near the observatory.

The evacuation, however, has not only drawn the attention of conspiracy theorists and numerous online groups – even conservative British newspapers such as "The Independent" reported on the mysterious case.

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Nobody was able to answer the question why the observatory had been evacuated. Upon request, FBI-official Frank Fisher once again stated that the research group "is still involved in the safety problem".

This text was translated from English by Pembe Bilir.