The fiancée of Khashoggi was shocked that his body might have been dissolved

The fiancée of Jamal Khashoggi has made a heart-rending statement in which she says she is shocked that the body of the murdered Saudi journalist may have been dissolved with chemicals.

"I can not express my grief to learn about resolving your body Jamal!" Hatice Cengiz tweeted Thursday. They killed you and cut your body into pieces, so that I and your family were deprived of your funeral prayer and buried you to Medina as desired. & # 39;

Cengiz's post contained a black and white photograph of the 59-year-old smiling in a waterfront.

"Are these murderers and those behind man? Oh my God!" She decided the tweet.

Khashoggi, columnist of the Washington Post who criticized the Saudi government and its de facto leader, crown prince Mohammad ib Salman, disappeared on 2 October from the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

Saudi officials have overcome what has happened – initially claiming that he had left the consulate, and then said he had been killed in a "rogue operation".

At the end of last month, a Saudi prosecutor finally admitted that Khashoggi had been killed during a planned attack.

Turkey says that Khashoggi was strangled and dismembered by a murder command with 15 members.

The body of Khashoggi has not been found and the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Edrogan has suggested that it may have been dissolved in acid. A Turkish official said that two members of a Saudi Arabian team were sent to the consulate to hide evidence shortly after his death there.

Cengiz did not receive any information from authorities to support the claim that Khashoggi was dissolved in acid, she told the Associated Press in a message.

Meanwhile, the reporter's sons have made desperate pleas to find their father's body so that they can give him a decent funeral and be closed.