Michoacán.- The first colonies of monarch butterflies have arrived in Michoacan, reported by the secretary of Environment and Natural Resources in Michoacán, Mauro Ramón Ballesteros Figueroa.

In an interview, the official pointed out that it was last weekend when the first observation of lepidopteral colonies from Canada was reported.

It is a tradition that the insects start their arrival in the forests of Michoacan Oyamel on November 1, there is even the legend that they arrive with the souls of the deceased children.

"This year they were delayed by the rainy season, but we already have the report of the arrival of the first colonies," said Ballesteros Figueroa.

He hoped the 2018-2019 season would be a good year and said that it will be between 20 and 25 November when the sanctuaries for tourism are formally opened.

In Michoacán, the Rosario Sanctuary and the Sierra Chincua Sanctuary are open to the public, located in the municipalities of Ocampo and Angangueo in the east of Michoacán.

The hibernation season of the butterflies in Michoacán starts in November and ends in February when they return to the Canadian forests.