The former Economy Minister of Ukraine called the condition for "routing the Russian Federation into dust"

The former Economy Minister of Ukraine called the condition for "routing the Russian Federation into dust"


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MOSCOW, September 13 (Itar-Tass) – RIA Novosti. Former Minister of Economy Viktor Suslov said that NATO "would have destroyed Russia a long time ago in dust" if it had no nuclear weapons. So he commented on the teachings of "East 2018".

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In the air of the television channel "112 Ukraine" he said that the maneuvers are aimed at preventing other countries from fleeing a military conflict.

"They are demonstrating their muscles to show that it is unlikely that they will happen, at least today," Suslov said.

The risk of being isolated

According to political analyst Oleg Onopko politicians in Kiev must stop such speculation, otherwise the country threatens to become internationally isolated.

"Such statements have become a tradition for the Ukrainian politician, both for the politicians themselves and for the senior leadership of the Ukrainian armed forces," he said on the Sputnik radio.

In his opinion, such attacks are a concern for Ukraine's neighboring countries, partly because of the conflict in the Donbass, and with the United States and Great Britain, which previously guaranteed the security of the country.

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"The Ukrainian leadership emphasizes that the rejection of nuclear weapons was a mistake, but at the same time it is clear that the presence of such weapons from Ukraine or the absence of such weapons from the Russian Federation would be a catastrophe, not only for Europe, but for the world as a whole, "- closed the expert.

"Vostok 2018"

The exercise "East 2018" will be held from 11 to 17 September in the territory and in the marine waters of the Far East under the leadership of Sergei Shoigu, the Minister of Defense. They have become the most ambitious in the last 37 years. They are attended by almost 300,000 soldiers in the eastern and central military districts, the armed forces of the northern fleet, the connection of the airborne combatants, the long and military transport aircraft of the Military Space Agency, as well as the army from China and Mongolia.

More than 1,000 planes, helicopters and drones, up to 36,000 armored vehicles, a maximum of 80 ships and support vessels are involved in the exercises.