The government will present the law of bioethics to parliamentarians during seminars

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Do everything to drive out the debate. The Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, sent a letter to Richard Ferrand and Gérard Larcher, presidents of the National Assembly and the Senate, on Thursday 10 January, pending further investigation of the bioethics law, which in particular should medically assisted reproduction (ART) are extended to female couples and single women.

"The parliamentary time around the bill will soon open, writes Mr. Philippe in this letter that the World could consult. It seems essential to me that the debate that will begin is as peaceful and respectful as possible, without, however, silencing differences of opinion. "

As a result, the head of the government wants to see "A common reflection, synthesis, that associates the diversity of parliamentarians of each House". The executive power decided, "Before formally referring to a law to Parliament", Mr Philippe continues in this letter "Seminars led by the competent administrations will be held every week from the end of January and then in February in the presence of Ministers".

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A reaction to the refusal expressed by the Senate

The goal will be "To inform all parliamentarians who so wish thoroughly about the most important issues". Meetings are organized in the ministries involved in each theme. According to Matignon, the subject must be submitted to the Council of Ministers "In the first half" 2019.

This decision to hold seminars is a response to the Senate's refusal of November 2018 – guided by the law – to form a working group "Transpartisan", according to the word of the executive, with the National Assembly. A choice that "Regret" Edouard Philippe, but who is motivated, in the spirit of the opposition, by the desire not to bind his hands to a subject where the intimate convictions of every elected official sometimes go beyond political considerations.

Even in the majority, dissonant voices have been heard in recent months to express their opposition to the extension of the PMA. This, however, reminds the Prime Minister in his post "Announced by the President of the Republic".

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