The Istanbul authorities have eliminated the explosion as the cause of the collapse of high-rise buildings :: Society :: RBC

The explosion was not the cause of the collapse of an eight-storey building in Istanbul, said the head of the district Kartal Memish Dikilidash, reports NTV.

"There was no explosion, the building would only have collapsed," he said, noting that the building was very old.

According to the head of the district, there is a textile workshop in the basement of the eight-story building that employs 15-20 people.

High-rise building collapsed in Istanbul

Earlier NTV and Haberturk television stations claimed that, according to one version, the collapse occurred after the explosion. As a result of the incident, according to preliminary data, one person died, four were rescued. According to Haberturk, there could be between 25 and 30 people in the building.

Rescuers work on the scene, local residents have joined the search. According to one broker, the building was built in 1992, reported Haberturk.

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