The main points of the post-election conference of Donald Trump

Donald Trump held a press conference on Wednesday, November 7 in the wake of the midterm elections. Here are the points to remember this, sometimes tense, exchange with journalists.

► About the elections

President of the US Donald Trump spoke Wednesday, November 7 "A big day" for the Republicans, in the aftermath of interim elections in which the Democrats took the majority in the lower house of the Congress, but failed to do the same in the Senate.

"It was a great day, a great day"Donald Trump told a press conference at the White House. "The Republican party has defied history to expand our majority in the Senate and significantly increases the prediction in the House" representatives.

Donald Trump opposite the US division

Regarding his relations with the Democrats, he called health and infrastructure, where compromises are possible. "Hopefully we can all work together next year to continue to deliver results for the American people"said Donald Trump.

Among the areas in which the Republicans – who have retained control of the Senate – and the Democrats can lead to common solutions, he called health, infrastructure, trade or economic growth.

► About the Russian investigation

The American president said he was not "Not worried" about the investigation led by the special prosecutor Robert Mueller, including a possible collusion between his presidential campaign team in 2016 and Russia.

"It's a hoax"said the billionaire. He also assured that he would not end this research that he has "Witch hunting".

Donald Trump wants to torpedo the Russian investigation

He also announced that there was no planned meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Paris on 11 November.

► About relations with North Korea

Donald Trump assured it to be Wednesday "Very happy" Negotiations on the denuclearization of North Korea, despite the postponement of a meeting planned this week, since there was no question of "No urgency".

He told a press conference at the White House that his second summit with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will be held in early 2019.

Trump – Kim Summit: a first step towards peace on the Korean peninsula

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