The newest: 36 wounded, 12 critical in the explosion of the baker in Paris

PARIS – The latest explosion in the Paris bakery (always local):

12:15 o'clock

A spokesman for the fire brigade in Paris says that 36 people, including 12 in critical condition, were injured during an explosion in a bakery that was apparently caused by a gas leak.

The spokesman for the fire brigade in Paris, Eric Moulin, said that five people were in a life-threatening condition, including two firefighters.

Prosecutor of Paris Remy Heitz said: "At this stage we can say that it is of accidental origin, this would be a gas leak." He said that firefighters in Paris were already on stage for a presumed gas leak on Saturday morning when the explosion took place. There are investigations going on to determine the exact cause of the explosion.

Witnesses described the overwhelming sound of the explosion. Charred debris and broken glass covered the sidewalk around the block of flats where the bakery stood, which looked like a blackened carcass.


11:35 am

A witness says that he saw a fireman in Paris in the morning, but he and his colleagues thought "maybe a joke, a false alarm" and they went back to work.

Pedro Goncalves, an employee of Hotel Mercure opposite the bakery, said that an hour later an explosion shook the surrounding streets.

"In the middle of nothing I heard a big explosion and then there was a lot of pressure on me (and) a lot of black smoke and glass," he said. "And I had just enough time to go down and cover myself and protect my head."

Goncalves said that he & # 39; felt many things falling on me & # 39; and that he was struck by shattered glass. He had a few cuts on his head and blood stains on his sweater and shirt.

"Thank God, I'm fine, & # 39; he said and said that the explosion was so powerful that he heard whistling ears in the aftermath. Goncalves said he was walking to the exit and then checking the hotel's customers, adding that some of them had head injuries and bleeding. He said the hotel was "destroyed" during the explosion.


9:50 a.m.

The police in Paris say that several people have been injured by an explosion and that the fire at a bakery has been caused by a gas leak.

A spokesman for the Paris police said that firefighters are currently on the scene of the Saturday morning explosion in the bakery on Trevise Street in the 9th arrondissement of north-central Paris. She said that several injuries were reported to the police, but no deaths. The spokeswoman, who was not authorized to be mentioned in public, gave no further details.

French television showed emergency vehicles around the area.

The explosion took place amid heavy security in Paris and in France for the protests of the yellow vest that are expected later on Saturday.

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