The sponsors of the attacks of November 13 "were all killed one by one by the international coalition"


They operated in a cell whose methods were inspired by those of the CIA. Seven senior executives of the Islamic State, who propagated the attacks of 13 November 2015 in Paris and Saint-Denis, were eliminated by the international coalition, reveals Matthieu Suc, journalist at Mediapart, and author of the book The spies of terror, investigation of the intelligence service of the Islamic State.

Discreetly eliminated. "They were killed between 2016 and 2017, one by one, by the international coalition, during targeted drone attacks," the reporter said in Europe 1 Wednesday morning. These strikes were mainly carried out by the Americans, sometimes with the help of the French intelligence service.

These targeted attacks have never been made public by the French government. Matthieu Suc explains it for two reasons. "In the first place, the French recognize the fact that they do not focus on people, they focus on groups of individuals or places, they are acts of war, but the target of someone is murder," it is. The second statement gives the difficulty to confirm that the goals are dead. "France stops counting the number of French jihadists killed, because four of them have arisen in recent months, so they are passed on for death," says the specialist.

The IS strategy to combat intelligence. in The spies of terror, We also understand the shortcomings of the French intelligence system before the November 2015 attacks. The journalist makes the comparison with American services before 9/11. "Everyone has almost all the elements, but we can not merge them," he says. "What is terrible is that ISIS has theorized that two tutorials are available on the internet in two or three clicks made by the IS, explaining the need to saturate the intelligence services, and especially to attack countries in an economic recession. because they have less money to invest in the intelligence services: it is first small attacks, it happens big, "details Matthieu Suc.

Threats still active. For the specialist, the French intelligence services were able to respond quickly and learn from their mistakes. "Yes, the services have progressed, it seems to me that a & # 39; 13-November" attack, with a planned command of seasoned soldiers, ISIS can no longer do this "he says. However, there are still two threats. "Probably sent ISIS in 2016 other stowaways, who sleep somewhere in Europe, we know they have trouble getting weapons, but we do not know where they are," warns. first of all Matthieu Suc.

The second threat, and probably the most important, is the endogenous threat, with radicals that have not managed to fight in the Iraqi-Syrian zone. The intelligence services are worried for that, says Matthiu Suc. "They realize that thanks to internet tutorials, these people can become secret agents, use the same processes, and are difficult to detect."