The survey revealed the attitude of Ukrainians in the Russian language

More than half of Ukrainian TV viewers (60 percent) expressed themselves in TV programs and stories on channels that had to be broadcast in Russian. And only 40 percent of the people approved the broadcast exclusively in Ukrainian.

The poll, RIA Novosti notes, was performed by one of the most popular Ukrainian TV channels NewsOne, and the public was asked the only question: "In which language would you like to watch television?".

A total of 30,250 people called the studio and most of them spoke for broadcasting in Russian.

Remember that in 2016 changes were made to the law on television and radio broadcasting in Ukraine, according to which since November 2017 at least 55 percent of the broadcasts in Ukrainian must take place.

And on 13 October the law on language quotas, which was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in May of this year, came into force in Ukraine. According to the document at least 75 percent of the programs of the central and 50 percent of the regional TV channels should be broadcast in Ukrainian.

The use of other languages ​​in television programs is allowed when it concerns expert commentary or live broadcasts of the scene. In addition, all media must copy their material, published in other languages, on the "Move".