The third vote has already taken place in the British Parliament on the country's withdrawal from the European Union

The British Parliament decides on the fate of the Brexit. What do you agree with? This is the third vote this week. Some call it the third round of the Brexit battle. Others say that this is the third act of a long-term performance. But the show must go on, so all the attention is on the stage, that is, on the parliament.

Just a few minutes ago, Members postponed Britain's exit from the European Union. What does this mean? This means only one thing. March 29 Brexit will not take place. Everything else is still in a fog.

According to the decision, Britain is likely to leave the European Union on 30 June. But there is an important addition. Delegates will have to vote for Theresa May's divorce agreement. However, the Parliament has already rejected it twice. If you no longer support me, the Brexit cannot happen at all, Theresa May warned. That is, everything can happen again. This is a vicious circle, experts admit. It's clear that journalists are not shy in expressions:

The Daly Mail writes that chaos rules Britain. The Guardian observer is convinced that only Theres remains from the leadership of Theresa May. Now the floor for the European Union. The head of the European Council, Donald Tusk, told Twitter today that he would urge EU leaders to give Britain extra time, that is, to postpone Brexit. So what?

The Air Force identified seven possible scenarios: a new vote on the agreement, a rejection of the Brexit, an election, a new referendum, negotiations with the EU, a vote of no confidence in the government and the Brexit without a deal. However, the referendum can already be excluded – the parliament voted against it.

Perhaps the fate of the Brexit and the whole of Great Britain will be resolved next week. EU leaders meet in Brussels. And one of the most important topics of the discussions is Brexit. But now there is nothing to predict, except perhaps the weather.


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