The unpleasant finding of a pregnant woman in a Chinese restaurant: "There is a rat in my soup"

The woman was busy preparing a traditional hot pot, a dish that is common in China and other parts of Asia. It is a cooking pot of hot soup that is placed in the center of the table, where a variety of vegetables and raw meat is served, which must be cooked in the broth.

The problem was that the woman who was pregnant found a small rat in the middle of her broth.

The episode happened in the chain of Chinese restaurants Xiabu Xiabu & # 39; s. Shyness, the owners of the property tried to keep the situation in check and no one knew that. In fact, he even offered 5,000 yuan (about $ 700) to buy his silence.

But the woman refused and in retaliation she went to the main Chinese social network, Weibo, the images of the terrible moment.

The video was already around the world and as a result, Xiabu Xiabu lost $ 190 million of its value on the stock market.