This cat fell on the bravest rat of Luxembourg

ANIMALS – We knew the outcome of the game of cat and mouse, often fatal to the latter. But it's a different story if the mouse is a rat, and the video below will prove it to you.

The rather unusual scene takes place in Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, and was filmed by Claude Alff, who was on his way to the swimming pool, Monday, November 5. This man sees a cat lying in ambush and finds it a good time to film his hunt. But nothing will unfold as you would expect.

The cat, well prepared, examines a lone rat that advances on the opposite sidewalk. Ready to attack, the cat immediately rushes on the rodent and crosses the street at full speed. The game seems to have already been closed. But when the cat makes a mouthful, the rat defends vigorously and quickly dominates the cat.

And once the power relations are reversed, the rat does not choose the option to escape: strong from this reversal of the situation, the rodent takes the opportunity to continue and follow the feline that is found … done as a rat.

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