Thousands of opponents protested against Ortega in Nicaragua

"We want a free Nicaragua, freedom for political prisoners!", Thursday demanded thousands of demonstrators against President Daniel Ortega during a protest in the capital, called "Let & # 39; s win!", Which took place despite the police siege.

"We are asking for the cessation of repression, the release of all prisoners and for him to" leave Ortega from the government, a protester covered with his face, who identified himself as Ramón, told AFP.

The march "Let's win!", Named by the opposition Civil Alliance for Justice Democracy and other social movements, was held in honor of the protests that have demanded the resignation of the president since April and whose repression left more than 320 dead.

The opponents demand the resignation of Ortega, in power since 2007, and that the elections of 2021 will continue until 2019.

Hundreds of rioters and sandinists gathered early on the roundabout in the capital where the march should begin.

"Terrorists, coup plotters, criminals!" The Sandinists insulted the opponents.

"The government says we are terrorists and vandals, but the truth is that we are fighting for a democracy," said Sandra Rivera, a 30-year-old housewife who wore the national flag, told AFP.

Opponents, including adults, youths and children, ignored the provocation and started the march through the eastern neighborhoods of the capital. "We are not afraid!" They called.

On the way more villagers came, while others left their houses to greet the demonstrators with their hands in their hearts or with the flags of Nicaragua, with which many express their rejection of the country's red and black flag. ruling Sandinista party.

"We want a free country, outside the dictatorship, even though we can not go to the march, we support it from the heart," Rosa Mendoza told AFP from a commercial store.

The protest was accompanied by artists who made the walk with marimbas, others wrote the walls with legends like "Assassin State, outside Ortega", while another balloon wore with writings such as "we have more than 300 deaths" or "Nicaragua is still in battle".

The march reached a few kilometers further than expected, despite the presence of riot police following the demonstrators on board trucks, without incidents.

Opponents also demanded the release of more than 300 Nicaraguans imprisoned for opposing the government.

Rebeca Montenegro, 45, walked under the intense sun with the photo of her daughter Elsa Valle, a university prisoner since July.

"They tortured my daughter, they put her in a cell with cockroaches, mice, fleas and mosquitoes," the woman told AFP.