Three new fish species found in the depths of the Pacific

Three new fish species found in the depths of the Pacific

a exploration in one of the deepest places in the Earth has recorded imagery unusual of what is supposed to be three new species of the elusive & # 39; snailfish & # 39; (slimy fish).

With the participation of 40 scientists from 17 nations otherwise, including the doctor Alan Jamieson and the doctor Thomas Linley, from the University of Newcastle, United Kingdom, the expedition to the fossa from Atacama has a lot of information about the life in one of the most places deep in the world.

Below the new discoveries they are what the team thinks they are three new species from slimy fish. Temporary & # 39; the snake fish Atacama pink, blue and purple & # 39;, the video shows the fish that feed and Interaction in your secret world 7 500 meters under the surface.

this one fish they are part of the family & # 39;Liparidaeand they do not fit in the image stereotypically preceded by what a fish of waters shallow. Instead of gigantic teeth and a structure threatening, the fish that they wander the most shallow of the ocean they are small, translucent, is missing flakes and very capable of living where few other organisms can do it.


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