Tibidabo opens his castle of stories

The Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Peter Pan, Snow White and Hänsel and Gretel are some of the protagonists of Tibidabo & # 39; s attraction this Saturday: The Castle of Stories. It is a large building with three floors, where spirits, princes and wizards live, who are guardians of the secrets of traditional stories. The new attraction looks, as explained today by the city council of Barcelona, ​​to claim stories as an emotional and intellectual legacy of both adults and children.

The one who enters the castle is received by one of the spirits, who explains the route to be followed. For example, visitors pass the Toren van de Doornroosje, the infinite story library, the magical courtyard, the enchanted forest or the treasuries. The route ends in the medal room, where spirits, ogans and wizards help to overcome the tests, so that the young people become guardians of stories. The route contains technologies and new audiovisual languages.

The new attraction is in fact a reconversion of the mysterious castle that has been operating in the park since 1955. The Castle of Stories was already the protagonist of the press conference of the new Tibidabo season, which was held in March and it was announced that the proposal would be in force in the summer. However, starting it has been more delayed than expected.

A sweet moment for the park

Tibidabo has left the bad numbers of visitors the deadly accident of the pendulum in the summer of 2010. From that moment on, the alarm and the economic crisis were fatally associated with the loss of the results of the park. The same year 2010 ended the year with a loss of 2.2 million euros and a worldwide visitor of 402.009, far from the 600,000 required by the plant to guarantee profitability. 2016 and 2017 were years of absolute record of visitors. Last year, the park received 732,574 visitors – an average of 4,666 newspapers – and also received the best appraisal letter from customers: 8.1. The government of Ada Colau has refrained from the idea of ​​privatizing the amusement park that was approached during the mandate of Xavier Trias.