Trump asks if there is something better than the end of a war

PARIS – In Paris to celebrate the centenary of the First World War, President Donald Trump asked Saturday if there was anything better than celebrating the end of a war.

Trump traveled to France to join dozens of other world leaders in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the ceasefire that ended the first global conflict in which millions of people were killed. "Is there something better to celebrate than the end of a war, especially the one that was one of the bloodiest and worst of all times?", The president asked in a tweet.

Trump wasted no time poking at his French host Friday when he arrived in Paris. Trump tweeted that French President Emmanuel Macron "has just proposed that Europe build its own army to protect itself against the US, China and Russia – very insulting, but perhaps Europe must pay its share of NATO first, which greatly subsidizes the US. ! "

It was a clear sign that the "America-first" president was ready to take his own course when world leaders gathered to remember the coalition that ended the first global war. Trump's visit comes on the heels of mid-term elections in which the Americans delivered a split referendum on his presidency, with the Senate in power, but the House delegating to opposition Democrats.

Before the Sunday festivities begin, Trump planned to talk to Macron on Saturday on topics that are expected to include European security, Syria and Iran. Trump and first lady Melania Trump also visit the American cemetery in Belleau, France, to pay their respects to American soldiers who died on French soil during the war.

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