Trump experts insist on German participation in Syria

Trump experts insist on German participation in Syria

The US government has called on Germany to participate in possible military attacks in Syria in recent weeks. During high-level talks in the Chancellor's office and in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Defense, Ambassadors of President Donald Trump suggested to the federal government that the Bundeswehr would participate in US military retaliation in the event of re-use of poison gas by the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

The US also asked for the same reason in other European capitals. In Berlin it was said that the Americans had made it clear that in the coming weeks they would expect more of Assad's poison gas around the last rebel stronghold Idlib. In this case, retaliatory attacks against Assad's military facilities are being planned. President Trump ordered similar attacks in April, when only France and Britain participated in the targeted blows.

On Monday, the "Bild" newspaper reported on the so far secret talks, which were led in part by the American ambassador and the close Trump confidant Richard Grenell. The newspaper wrote in detail that the Ministry of Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen already plans possible Bundeswehr contributions. The heading "Government Plans Tornado Assault Against Assad" also contains one of the dull gray German jet fighters.

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