Trump: US expenditures in Middle East have been ‘a mistake’

President Trump mentioned Monday that U.S. aid expenses in the Middle East have been “a mistake,” equally undercutting a round of difficult diplomacy in Arab capitals and underscoring his growing frustration at the dwindling odds of a Middle East peace offer.

The president also erroneously claimed that the United States has spent $ 7 trillion in the Center East over the earlier seventeen several years — a return to a regular theme for Trump that U.S. generosity be repaid with results or assist.

“As of a couple of months ago, we have spent $ 7 trillion in the Center East. 7 trillion pounds. What a miscalculation. But it is what it is,” Trump said at the White Home as he released a domestic infrastructure investing program.

“This will be a huge 7 days for Infrastructure,” Trump had tweeted before Monday. “After so stupidly investing $ 7 trillion in the Center East, it is now time to commence investing in OUR Country!”