UK weather forecast: SNOW on the road as an ice-cold winter frost Great Britain with temperatures below zero

Heavy snowfall can affect parts of Great Britain within a few days, as an Arctic explosion leads to icy temperatures, amid the fear of another long, brutal winter.

It is time to lay down if the temperature drops below zero next week and the dive probably brings October to a cold end.

Predictors say that November is probably colder than normal and that snow or snow showers are not excluded in many places.

The British woke up in many places against frost and fog on Thursday, when the temperatures dropped to -4 ° C, with the morning fog being particularly heavy in parts of East Anglia.

In parts of the UK it will probably snow next week if the temperature drops

Katesbridge in Co Down, Northern Ireland, was one of the coldest spots at -4C.

It was one of the coldest temperatures of the season so far, and it is a sign of the things that are coming next week.

High pressure is to bring colder air from the north, so that snow is possible, especially in the northeast.

It follows an extremely mild weather with high values ​​of 22 ° C on Tuesday.

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Temperatures will continue to fall as the calendar changes in November.

Forecasters say that snow is likely to fall to the north as winter approaches.

Before Thursday, the patchy mist clears in the morning and makes way for a beautiful day with sunny spells, says the Met Office.

On Thursday night it is dry in most places, but on Friday morning there is a chance of frost and fog.

Drivers are worried about a repetition of scenes like this