United States: a weather presenter mocked his direct a bit too hectic during hurricane Florence

Reporter Mike Seidel seems to be struggling to stand right on the hurricane in Wilmington, North Carolina. But at the same time, two people are quietly walking in the background.

Hurricane Florence struck North Carolina on Friday, September 14. The opportunity for the journalist of the weather channel The Weather Channel, Mike Seidel, to conduct an outdoor life in Wilmington to show the weather conditions. On the images, the reporter struggles to get up and seems to be doing superhuman attempts not to fall.

But while the journalist emphasizes the very difficult weather conditions, two people appear in the frame, quietly walking. The series, posted on Twitter by the @gourdnibler account, was quickly commented and shared thousands of times.

Netizens failed to fool the reporter by thinking that he was surrendering to a large cinema scene. Thanks to the images, internet users could reopen an old debate about the interest of this kind directly. "Why do hurricane reporters have to be out in the wind and rain? Barry Rudd wondered. Reporters who cover a fire in a house are not in the fire. & # 39;

The Weather Channel, interviewed by Buzzfeed, defended his journalist by explaining that he was "Undoubtedly exhausted" : "It is important to note that the two individuals are walking on concrete in the background and Mike Seidel is trying to keep his feet on the wet grass after being in the air until 1 am."