USA: Meth amphetamine worth 800 million euros confiscated

The drug was discovered in two containers that were to be smuggled from California to Australia: the police made more than 1.7 tons of meth amphetamine safe. In addition, 25 kilos of cocaine and five kilos of heroin were confiscated, according to the Australian police. The market value of the medicines is more than 800 million euros.

According to the researchers behind the partly hidden in audio equipment, delivery is a drug cartel from Mexico, which cooperates with criminal motorcycle gang in the US and has accomplices in Australia. A Melbourne spokesman said the fund was able to prevent an "ice tsunami" from entering Australia. This prevented many millions of drug trafficking. The designer medicine is also widely used in Australia.

After a series of raids, researchers reportedly arrested four Australians and two US citizens. She faces a life sentence in Australia on charges of importing illegal drugs.

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Combating drug crime:
Prevent "Ice tsunami"

Meth-amphetamine – also known as meth, crystal meth or ice – was already secured on January 9 before it could be shipped. But only now did the Australian authorities announce the find.

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