Venezuela: traders in Maracaibo suffer millions of looting

Since last week, a massive blackout has paralyzed large parts of Venezuela. One consequence: massive looting, especially in Maracaibo, a city in the west of the country.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, dealers have lost millions of dollars in revenue. The approximately 500 affected stores in Maracaibo would have suffered approximately $ 50 million losses, said Fulhus Walshe, president of the Chamber of Commerce in Zulia, the daily El Nacional.

The Chamber of Commerce also assumes that the number will increase. "Maracaibo is a ghost town, the only ones left are bakeries and mini markets," Walshe said. The "Sambil" shopping center in Maracaibo had already been stormed on Monday.

Reports of looting also came from other parts of the South American country, which is in a deep political and economic crisis. In the once rich country the most necessary things are missing. Supermarket shelves remain empty, there is no medication.

In the capital Caracas, thousands of people had protested again on Tuesday because of the failure of the electricity and water supply throughout the day. The self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaidó had announced the state of alarm on Monday due to the power failure. However, the parliament has no de facto power, because until now the army is the left-nationalist president Nicolás Maduro, who had excluded parliament from the law.

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