VIDEO: A Boeing C-17 wanders through buildings

YouTube photo

The residents of Brisbane thought that their September 11th & # 39; was on their heads. A Boeing C-17 has indeed walked several meters from tall office buildings, according to the Australian Daily Mail.

A flight from the Royal Australian Air Force indeed made this "waterfall" during the great Riverfire festival, terrifying for the office workers who saw this huge machine under their noses.

The video shows the plane flying through the city to skyscrapers before it is turned away at the last moment to avoid buildings.

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A cascade qualified "Unnecessarily stupid and dangerous" on social media.

Others took the defense of the RAAF. "Unless the two pilots had a heart attack at the same time or a catastrophic failure, nobody was in danger"they wrote.

The Riverfire Festival is held annually in Brisbane to celebrate the end of the three-week Queensland Culture and Arts Festival with concerts, aerial acrobatics and flying parades through the Australian Defense Force.