Vienna: Deportation detainees stabbing fire in cell - Six people injured

In Vienna, several detainees from the prison set their cell on fire. Six people were seriously injured. Apparently the migrants wanted to take their own lives.

Several men in detention set fire to the prison cell in Vienna on Friday night and were seriously injured. The seriously injured – five Afghans and one Iranian – were admitted to intensive care units, two of which had to be ventilated, APA's news agency reported Saturday morning.

According to spokesperson for the Harald Sörös police, a scorched farewell letter was found, suggesting the presumption of a suicide attempt. The detainees tried to prevent the emergency services from entering the room, he said. According to Sörös, the prisoners had blocked the cell door with a safe, presumably to obstruct the emergency services.

Not the first such incident

The flames were quickly extinguished, according to the police of Vienna the traffic blocks were lifted. 40 extra prisoners were brought to safety because of the heavy smoke. In 14 of them suspected smoke poisoning in the first instance. According to the report, about 100 police and 70 firefighters were in service.

How the fire was built was still unclear on Saturday. According to the police, the five Afghans are 18 to 33 years old, the Iranians 30 years old. According to reports in the media, prison has been a place of dramatic events in the past. Desperate prisoners set their cells on fire or went on hunger strike several times.

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