"What it comes down to is that we get the means to help countries that actually receive refugees"

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees looks back on the EU's difficulties in finding a common solution to the migration crisis and is concerned about the decline of solidarity in Europe.

Filippo Grandi visits a health center on Oct. 11, 2018, that houses Venezuelan migrants in Tumbes, Northern Peru.

At the head of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) since 2016, Filippo Grandi calls on the European Union (EU) to maintain the right of asylum and believes that the return of Syrian refugees to their country will be dropper.

Due to the migration crisis, the European Union has been torn apart since 2015. She seems to have fallen behind. Has the problem been resolved?

There is excessive manipulation by those who have spoken about an invasion, the end of the European identity or security threats. Now that political interest is shifting, the risk is not to do what is necessary to better manage these population flows. Europe has not yet given all the answers. A postponement can only aggravate the situation in the event of a new crisis.

"Centralized centers" and "landing platforms" intended to centralize the treatment of asylum seekers seem stranded …

The Dublin Convention, intended to prevent "asylum tourism" by providing the first host country to handle asylum applications, is being tested by the numerous arrivals in a few countries, those found punished in comparison to others. We must go further. There was a lot of talk about the 28 states, but it does not work because only a few countries are ready. Less than 100,000 people arrived in Europe in 2018, it is manageable.

Taking over by part of the passengers of theAquariuslooks like a form of sharing, for example, except that every new boat has changed into a crisis. Such a system must be decided in advance. The problem is the lack of consensus on where this sharing should be done. It is not up to the UNHCR to determine where these reception and reception centers should be, but to Europe. The role of UNHCR is to provide all the tools …