When it arrives to the Taliban, regional powers fumble while the US abstains

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN — U.S. President Donald Trump explained very last week that he will not negotiate with the Taliban — a departure from Obama administration plan and from his personal administration’s stance on the matter.

The president, who has prolonged touted his negotiation prowess, mentioned that a current spate of assaults across 4 provinces of Afghanistan — like a few in Kabul — have dissuaded him from engaging in talks with Afghanistan’s premier militant team.

“I really do not see any conversing having spot … Innocent individuals are getting killed left and right … So we really do not want to speak with the Taliban,” Trump mentioned throughout a lunch with members of the United Nations Security Council.

The Taliban issued an fast rebuke, stating Trump’s feedback experienced “exposed his war-mongering face” and going on to criticize the Afghan govt in Kabul for missing “true authority of war and peace.”