who was the third party "run" in Salisbury

Bellingcat activists and The Insider journalists have, as they claim, established the third partner of the famous trip to Salisbury's peak. He is also an officer of the GRU and is working on a passport in the name of Sergey Fedotov. He would have canceled his registration for the same night flight from London, where Petrov and Boshirov returned, and a few days later returned to Russia with a transfer to the European Union, and the newspaper The Telegraph wrote about this in a week. Bellingcat claims that Fedotov already traveled abroad with Boshirov and Petrov, that Skripal was not the first victim of Fedotov and that he was trying to poison the Bulgarian entrepreneur Yemelyan Gebrev with the help of the same "Novice". The chief editor of The Insider, Roman Dobrokhotov, gave details.

Roman Dobrokhotov, editor-in-chief The Insider: The first step was taken by the Fontanka publication, when she discovered that the person with that name was also on flights with Petrov and Boshirov in the United Kingdom, and he was also traveling to Prague with them. That is, it immediately became clear that there is still a third agent associated with it. But it was our job not to prove that there is a third GRU employee, and that he was also involved, because in general it was quite understandable that they did not act alone. And the British law enforcement officials said they still had suspects.

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