Yellow Vests and LBD: European Parliament condemns disproportionate use of force & # 39;

SENSITIVE THEME – On Thursday, December 14, the debate on the use of LBD & # 39; s, which caused much damage during the protests of the Yellow Vests in the European Parliament, appeared in recent weeks. MEPs "have in particular denounced the use of violent and disproportionate government interventions during protests and peaceful demonstrations".

This is a topic that has been discussed in the margins of the mobilizations of yellow vests throughout France in recent weeks. On Thursday, MEPs condemned the "disproportionate" use of violence by the police during demonstrations, including those of the LBD, which particularly injured the eyes of one of the figures of the Jerome Rodrigues movement, of many recent discussions, the Council of State refuses to suspend its use.

In this resolution, voted by 438 votes in favor, 78 votes against and 87 abstentions, the delegates "rejected the use of violent and disproportionate interventions by the government during protests and peaceful demonstrations". The text, however, is not aimed at a particular Member State but has led to a lively debate in the preamble in the Strasbourg meeting room, in which several French parliamentarians participated.

This heated debate was demanded by the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S & D), the Greens and the GUE (European Unified Left), and saw the situation in France with the demonstrations of "yellow vests" a large part, while you name other countries such as Romania, Spain, Hungary or Greece. The chosen Republicans, Renaud Muselier, at the origin of the pot in support of the police who were injured during the movement, compared the president Emmanuel Macron with "Jupiter returned to earth", blaming him for the yellow vests, "to the detriment of European fiscal rules ".

Yannick Jadot condemns & # 39; Unlimited Use & # 39; from the LBD

In particular, the LBD, the ecologist Yannick Jadot who pointed out the use during the demonstrations of the Yellow Vests: "It is only in France, in Poland and in Greece that there is an unlimited use of these instruments that (… ) according to the medical teams cause war wounds. "" I'm worried about my country, I'm worried about the liberties in France and I'm worried about authoritarian tipping from President Macron, "said Younous Omarjee, of La France Insoumise, when Florian Philippot, president of the Patriots, denounced, with the hand on the eyes and wearing a yellow vest, "a power at a distance (who) gives delusions, irresponsible, mad to their own people".

At the end of the vote, the Group of the European United Left – Nordic Green Left (GUE / NGL) regretted that the Members of the European Parliament had not called for the ban on LBDs. For the French MEPs of Génération.s (S & D group), "the President of the French Republic should hear the warning from the European Parliament and review its law enforcement policy, leading to an escalation of violence". On the side of the French Ministry of the Interior, time is still in the status quo. Frequently questioned about the subject, Christophe Castaner, who at first denied the reality of police violence and put the danger of the launchers of the defense bullet into perspective, repeated his position on this Thursday: "In a context of urban riots, the police and gendarmes have the right to to protect […] they are defense weapons. "