Young Germans found dead in the Vienna hotel room

Young Germans found dead in the Vienna hotel room

A 25-year-old German was found dead in a Viennese hotel room. The police are investigating their girlfriend.

With Würgemalen a young German woman was found dead in a Viennese hotel. An Austrian, who was in the same hotel room, was questioned on suspicion of murder, the police reported. The 25-year-old dead woman from the Düsseldorf area had a permanent residence in Vienna.

The police speculate that the German victims of a relationship relationship, said a spokesman for the police of the German press agency. However, this theory has not yet been confirmed. The interrogation of the 31-year-old suspects is still ongoing.

Vienna: forensic doctors must clarify the cause of death

The Austrian had even reported at reception that her friend was unconscious. The researchers, who arrived on Saturday morning, then found evidence of death in the younger woman by strangling. The exact cause of death must now be clarified by medical examiners.


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